Anonymous said: I used to like looking at deedee's blog but now you need a password so I can't, what is it? why does it have a password?

Oh, really? I was not aware of this. Going to ask her and get back to you

  • bvaldez said: Alba! Hows dlsu?!?!?!?

    Hi Brian! Dlsu is good, I’ts different to what i’m used to, but i’m settling in :)

  • Anonymous said: Are you going to DSLSU OR CSB? : )

    DLSU :)

  • Anonymous said: my boyfriend and I are going to different schools next year :( any advice on how to overcome the distance and the unwanted girls that might hit on him? college is very different and i really think there are people who will influence us both in different ways. we both want to hold on to our relationship, can i please have some advice alba? :(

    Well, I myself am about to start college, so i may not be an expert about this, plus I’ve never had a legitimate boyfriend but my advice to you is as simple as trust. The fact you both really are willing to hold on to your relationship is good enough. Yes, college exposes you to different people, different environment that may or may not change you, but at the end of the day if you and your boyfriend really love each other and are willing to work on things, it shouldnt change your feelings for him or his for you <3 

  • Anonymous said: Where do you plan to go to college? :)

    De Lasalle! 

  • Anonymous said: It's crazy how your being is way more mature than your age. I'm not saying it's bad, but damn i'm truly fascinated of how you inspire me, a person who is older than you. I don't know how you do it, but keep doing whatsoever it is that you're doing! I believe you're going to be one hell of an influence to a lot of people in the future....even right now! If not, you already are to me, and they may not know the true meaning of inspiration just yet. Just wanted to let you know. Have a good day!

    Hello! Oh wow, i’m so sorry for the late response, iv’e abandoned my tumblr for far too long, but this made me smile! Thank you so much! It’s so nice to know that i’m appreciated, never thought i could be an inspiration to someone, better yet someone older than me, but thank you! You’re lovely! i hope you do amazing things! x

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    Not a sprite endorsement, hello summer!

    How lovely is the sun after rain, and how lovely is laughter after sorrow -Tunisian Proverb   (via araberber)

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    English Assignment: Write about the things you’d live for. Just thought i’d share.

    “Hi, my name is Alba; it’s nice to meet you”. It is a simple introduction said when I encounter a stranger. However, saying those two lines alone is simply not enough to define the experiences I’ve been through between September 12 1996, to well, now. So this is a glimpse of my in between and the things I’ve grown to be fascinated with.

    Being sixteen is the epitome of teenage life. The easy laughter made, the spontaneous adventures, and the ultimate crave for rebellion makes young living all the more fun, thus the want for freedom. Freedom is the power to act without restraint, and in a world where someone always has the upper hand, it isn’t always easily attained. I am particularly stressing on the freedom of expression; the ability of living out life from one’s own perspective. The idea of a world where every single person has the right of being who they want with the absence of judgment is my vision of freedom. Where love can be shared between any two regardless the gender, and a Muslim may be one with a Christian without controversy. No person should ever be in the position to hide or fear, because the presence of the universe exists to be appreciated, and any human born in it should as well be appreciated. 

    This leads me to the topic of the quest for love. Sounds like a load of cliché I know, but I’ve learnt that happiness only becomes truly real when shared. I am alone intrigued with the emotions developed between two different beings. How one can be captivated under another’s spell and fall for every single spectacle of their existence. The journey for it however, is what I think matters. The answer to the questions of how and why two people are in love is a process that is altogether beautiful and sacred. It is a life experience that I one day anticipate to further understand and go through.

    As for my third passion, I ought to develop it. I am a very curious person, which I think is the reason why I am quite confused a lot of the time. Though curiosity may not be a passion, the desire to learn and discover new things, may well be considered as one. I think this needs no further explanation because for what the desire may be, I am yet to find out.

    If no disastrous event stops me from living my life, I just may be able watch the world attain freedom, find my quest for love, and put an end to my curiosity. The wind will take me to a lot of places, and if the universe allows us to cross paths, I look forward to you being a part of my dash in between.

    Just a rough draft. Still working on it. 

  • two zero one two

    It’s currently 12:09am meaning it’s officially the last day of 2012. It was definitely a year of good fun. I spent the my most amazing nights over this year and i was lucky enough to meet the most amazing people. I’d like to think it’s also been the year where i got to focus on my individuality and sort of shrug my worries away. For once i was able to look at the world and appreciate it for what it was, a compilation of beauty and scars that you grow to love. It all depends on perspective, and my perspective’s definitely changed. Although days mostly consisted of “It seemed like a pretty good idea at the time” moments, I got to live, and explore reality, which turns out as not such a bad thing if you surround yourself with an atmosphere that keeps you happy. Nothing really seems like a good idea anymore anyway, so why bother keeping yourself in. I can say that i’m somewhat happy regardless of certain things, and that should be enough to make 2013 a good one, it’s just going to be another 365 days anyway, and I’m not going to try to renew myself because its a “new year” i’m going to make myself better for an amazing life. I guess it was also pretty cool how 2012 wasn’t the end of the world, because I mean it would kind of really suck knowing that my experience on earth was spent 75% of the time at school lol. hooray, suck on that mayans. kidding. 

    So thank you, everyone, who has made my twenty twelve a lovely one, you all should know who you are. <3 

  • 2013, enlighten me